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Find out How to invest in silver

Silver has a poor reputation on the investment market. Contrary to gold, which considered a safe haven and a commodity with a great historical and economic significance, silver is practically underrated. As result, the interest in silver is negligible. Is investing in silver really unprofitable? What is silver Silver is a soft shiny metal with…
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A golden investment: how to invest in gold

Gold is a commodity that people have invested in or used as a collateral for their assets for hundreds, or even thousands of years. The mighty of this world buried their gold in the ground to hide it from plunderers. Whole economies were based on the gold standard, and gold itself was a currency for…
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Find out more about alternative investing

Alternative investments tempt investors with relatively little competition compared to the stock market or funds. Alternatives have a rare touch of rarity about them, as they focus on uniqueness: unique diamonds, comic books, works of art or even… LEGO blocks.

The Exchange and its background information

The word “exchange” comes from “gildi”, an old Scandinavian term for gathering or features. The stock exchange has evolved from the craftsmen’s guilds that commonly hold fairs. Today, any place where a trade meeting is held is called an exchange. However, investors are interested in one type of exchange, namely, the investment exchange. Below we…
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Learn the basics of the forex market – mainly information

Forex is the world’s largest currency market. It is used for currency exchange by corporations, governments and central banks, twenty-four hours a day, from 8.00AM on Monday GMT+10 to 5.00PM on Friday GMT-5. Forex is the fastest and fully automated way to perform operations on currencies. It works without human intervention, and the typical time…
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